Linguine with Clams

This is a dish that I always assumed was so fancy and fancy meant complicated. Could I have been more wrong!? Granted, this is a little bit of a toned down version of what you probably think of a seafood dish, but it is sooooo good that it’s all you will ever need.

Making the sauce is SO easy, so you want to get your pasta cooking. I’ve used other noodles than Linguine and they don’t compare, so make sure you use that. Fettuccine might seem like a good sub if you have it on hand, but it’s too thick to really take on the lightness of the sauce. I’ve tried it and was less than impressed so this IS actually important.

Cook that following the directions on the box until it’s not quite done. Each pasta differs in cook time, so I can’t say how long. You want it to finish cooking in the sauce, so if your noodles are done they might end up soggy.

Like I said, this sauce is seriously so simple I can’t even handle it. And it CHEAPPPPP! I used to make it three times a week and everyone was like “omg you’re so high class,” and I was like “omg right?!” Okay that didn’t happen but I did feel super sophisticated.

For starters, line your pan with olive oil and let that get hot. Throw in your garlic and let it cook for about a minute before tossing in your vinegar. Now, it’s important to let the vinegar simmer a bit, otherwise it won’t cook off the pungent flavor. Give it about 3 minutes before adding the clams.

About the clams.. I’ve done this a bunch of ways and it’s best when they are chopped because you get them in every bite. If you’re making this for company or your special someone, you CAN use shelled clams, but you’ll need to get clam juice separately. I use canned because hello, $$$, and there is just enough juice. This will create the liquid foundation for your sauce.


At this point, it’s not quite appetizing but I promise it will come together! This can simmer on low for a few minutes if your pasta isn’t done yet. When it is done, take the noodles right from the water to your pan. I use tongs because it lets the water drain, but you still get a little in with your juice. This will help thicken it into a sauce.


Once it’s all combined, let it cook on low together for about 5 minutes. This just give your noodles time to embrace all those yummy flava flavs.

Then just top with some fresh parm and you’re good to go!



8oz Linguine pasta (about 1/2 box)

1 can chopped clams

1/4 cup white wine vinegar

2 cloves garlic

Cook pasta according to directions.

Oil heated pan and add garlic. Saute for about a minute and add vinegar.

Let cook for 3 minutes and add clams AND juice from the can (about 1/4cup clam juice if you choose fresh clams).

When pasta is almost done, transfer from water to the pan. Cook pasta in the juice mixture on medium low for about 5 minutes or until sauce thickens and coats noodles.

Top with fresh parmesan before serving.


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