Buttermilk Pancakes


Need I say more?

They are THE go to when it comes to breakfast foods and for good reason. But when was the last time you made pancakes NOT from a box?

People often fail to realize that these amazing little breakfast cakes are actually incredibly simple, and SOO much more delicious from scratch. Yes, that is possible. You just have to have the right recipe and the right technique, which I thankfully have got right here for you!

Just note that you cannot substitute the buttermilk. You can probably assume that because, you know; BUTTERMILK pancakes. But it’s far more important to the flavor than you can imagine.

The other ingredients are almost equally as important. I’ve tried to make it without each one and it never turns out the same. They all play their own little role, so make sure you stick to the recipe.

The batter is almost as easy as using the box, it’s just a couple more ingredients. But you can really throw everything together and mix it right up.

It’s going to end up looking at lot like a cake batter. How weird, right?


You want it to be thick, but creamy.

This is where the technique comes in. You want to make sure that your pan is not too hot. Fluffy pancakes are done best low and slow. I have found that by cooking them too high, you get a browner outside but the middle might not be done, so I always cook them at medium low.

Also, the first cake is always a wash. For me, anyway. I can honestly say that I have never had a successful first pancake, but I learned to plan around that. I use it as kind of a test run to see how hot the pan is, and then adjust according.

My dogs love this.


There’s nothing wrong with the cake, so you could eat them.. They just don’t get as brown. You might have better luck.

After that one, it tends to go pretty smooth. There’s no certain amount of time to let them cook, but you want to flip when the bubbles start popping.


You’ll also notice that the edges tend to harden up. DO NOT flip them until the edges look solid, the bubbles are usually a good indicator but some pop early. Don’t trust them. Popped bubbles + hard sides = success.



The trick to a perfectly round pancake is to twirl the spoon as you drop the batter. This will allow it all to fall in the center and it will spread out pretty uniformly.

Also make sure that you only butter the pan once. If there’s too much moisture, the pancakes won’t get that smooth top. If they start sticking and you have to re-butter, make sure to keep it light.

Repeat this for each of your pancakes. By about the second to last one, you should have perfected the technique because that’s just how it goes.

But wait.. there’s more. What good are pancakes from scratch without homemade syrup?! That too is also AMAZINGLY simple.

My mother-in-law found this out one Christmas when she made French Toast and realized there was no syrup. I am so thankful for that moment, though because nothing can top fresh made syrup. It probably sounds redundant, but it adds SO much goodness.

Like with the pancakes, you toss all the ingredients in the pan and let them do their thing.


You want it to bubble like this for a few minutes after the sugars all dissolve just to thicken up.

I let it cool right in the pan, so it stays warm and then transfer it right before serving… I’m telling you, making this will change your life.

I’m a little bias, but this combination is by far the best pancake and syrup mix you will ever come across.


ALSO, keep in mind that these pancakes freeze PERFECTLY. I let them cool and transfer to a freezer safe bag and the squeeze out all of the air. This is perfect for busy mornings when you still want to eat good, and SO much cheaper than store bought frozen ones. I’ve found they’re best if thawed before heated up, so just try to take them out of the freezer the night before.


2 cups flour

2 cups buttermilk

1/4 cup sugar

1 egg

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder


1/2 cup white sugar

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup water

1 tsp maple flavoring

Toss each ingredient into a bowl and mix until creamy.
Spoon onto a heated, buttered pan (medium low) in a circular motion.

Wait until the edges harden and the bubbles begin to pop, then flip. DO NOT flip more than once. Repeat for each cake.

For the syrup, place all ingredients into a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Let cook until it begins to thicken. Serve warm.

NOTE: The syrup is enough to basically cover this amount of pancakes, so make sure to adjust if you make more!


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