Mashed Poturnips

Turnips are one of the vegetables that most people really don’t know what to do with. I throw them into recipes here and there, but I never understood their purpose until this recipe..

A few months back, I was talking to my grandma about turnips. She told me that they were great thrown in with mashed potatoes, and I was all like “Whaaaaaat?” Like, who messes with mashed potatoes?

But, it caught my attention and I figured it was worth a go. This was my first time making them, but let me just say on the record…. I’ll never mash a potato unless his BFF turnip is by his side. I mean, this stuff was the real freaking deal. I’ve never really enjoyed eating mashed potatoes, but I do because I was hoping one day I would understand all the hype…

Today, I understand. I also began to wonder if this was the missing piece all along and the entire world failed to give turnips their due credit.


I mean, you really can’t tell them apart so it’s easy to be fooled.

Anyway, the recipe is pretty simple and can probably be adapted around your own routine.

Dice both of the vegetables and boil them until they’re soft. I found that the turnips take just a couple minutes longer  than the taters (I used yukon gold), so it wouldn’t hurt to add them first.

When checking for doneness, spear-forking is my recommended technique. It’s like spear fishing, but with a fork and your target is a turnip… if you can jab one all the way through and pull it out, they’re done!

When that’s good, drain the water and toss them in your mixer. My grandma always used a hand masher, but… it’s 2015. And I prefer whipped potatoes anyway.

To that, add the remaining ingredients and mix!

Funny story about the ingredients; my grandma is a great cook, but not the best story teller.

I always asked her what she added to her potatoes (other than turnips) and she told me cream cheese was the secret. Cream cheese.

For years, I made my potatoes with cream cheese and they ALWAYS came out gummy and just horrible. I couldn’t figure it out.

One day when I was trying again, I realized all I had was sour cream. I was weary, but tried it anyway.

Suddenly mine tasted exactly like the potatoes I grew up eating…

How. Weird.

Now I use sour cream, and always make sure my grandma understands what she is telling me.


But there you have it, the deliciousness that is this stuff.


They’re best served with anything.. or by themselves.. with a shovel. I won’t judge.

This recipe is a sure fire way to turnip the dial on your cooking skills.


2 cups diced potatoes

2 cups diced turnips

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp SOUR CREAM (no exceptions)

1 tbsp chives

salt and pepper to taste

Boil veggies until fork tender

Transfer to mixing bowl and add remaining ingredients. Whip it, whip it good.

Top with more chives because, chive on.





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