Cranberry Martinis

It’s Christmas timeeee! And with every holiday season comes holiday parties, so you want to make sure you’ve got your cocktail game going strong.

This martini is perfect because it’s classy, festive, and de-lish.

I was big on the cranberry thing for Thanksgiving, and I haven’t yet gotten off that bandwagon.. Thankfully, their pretty red hue makes them the perfect addition to any holiday drink.

I start by turning them into a delectable cranberry syrup.

DSC00809Water, sugar, cranberries… and the tiniest bit of mint (optional)

You want to boil that until your berries really break down and release all of their goodness into the syrup.

As far as the alcohol, you want to impress. Wine is a little too simple, and liquor is a little too responsible for bad decisions; enter, VERMOUTH!


Okay, I’ll be honest, I really had no idea where I was going with this cocktail but I had a song stuck in my head and one of the lines mentioned “sweet Vermouth,” and that’s how I got my inspiration… But hey, it worked! It kind of cancels out the sweetness from the cranberry syrup and gives it a bold flavor.

It tastes like adulthood and I like it!

Your syrup is going to decrease in volume by about half, so plan according (1cup water/sugar=2 drinks).


Strain it into a jar or container and let it cool.

Assembly is nothing special, just add a few cranberries to the glass and fill about halfway with your Vermouth.


Right now, they look less than festive, but wait for it..


As soon as you pour in the syrup, it all makes sense and it becomes a beautiful creation. Of course you need to add the mint to keep it real festive.


What’s great about this is that it travels easily. Just make your syrup and put it in a container, grab the rest of your ingredients and put it all together at your destination! Not as easy as grabbing a bottle of something, but WAY more fun.


1 part vermouth

1 part cranberry syrup (1/2 cup sugar/water, 1/4 cup cranberries per serving-NOT a health food, guys)

sprig of mint for garnish


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