Pesto Chicken Flatbread Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella and Asiago

When you have kids, odds are you eat a lot of pizza. We are no exception to that rule, and that’s why you will probably get tons of these recipes from me.

You see, I’m not actually a fan of traditional pizza. I was never one of those kids who looked forward to pizza parties, and the only reason I eat it now is because they’re the only places that deliver.

What I do like about this handy dinner time staple is the fact that it is so easy to make and eat. I’ve also learned that if you call it “pizza,” regardless of what it is… kids will eat it.

This pizza in particular is about as far from basic as it gets. I use flatbread instead of crust, pesto instead of marinara, and fresh cheese to top it.

Not to mention, it’s so good that you will actually want to enjoy every bite instead of stuffing your face with as many pieces as you can until you can’t move.

Oh, act like you don’t do that.

As with anything requiring cooked and cooled meat, go ahead and cook your chicken breast before starting. This will ensure that it’s cool enough to chop and throw on right before tossing in the oven. I like to cook it and THEN chop it because you can get smaller pieces which allows more coverage.

If you have pesto on hand or a favorite recipe you prefer, go ahead and use that. Because it is a relatively small (but powerful!) part of this recipe, I go super basic. I don’t know if you can even call it “pesto,” but I do because well, that’s how I do.

It’s literally just finely chopped basil, garlic, and olive oil.


I’ve made it with the traditional pesto and the taste difference is not even noticeable to be worth the extra steps and money..

Once you’ve made that, just spread it on your flatbread.


Don’t worry about covering every inch, the oil will have taken on enough of the flavors of the garlic and basil.

From there it starts to get real good.

First take your mozzarella ball and give it a rough chop. A lot of recipes using fresh mozz will call for slices… By chopping it, you cover more ground and use less cheese.


As if that’s not good enough, we take it a step further with some shredded Asiago.


You can find both of these cheeses in with the fancy meats and cheeses by the deli area of your grocer. They’re a little pricier, but they go a long way.

To that, we take our chicken from earlier and throw it right on top.


So easy, right?

When it comes out of the oven, the smell of the pesto is going to seriously rock your world.

And when you bite into it? You may never look at pizza the same.




2 pieces of flatbread

2 chicken breasts

1 ball of fresh Mozzarella

1/2 shredded Asiago


1 cup fresh basil

1/4 cup olive oil

1 garlic clove

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Cook your chicken breasts and set aside. Dice when cooled.

Make your pesto by finely chopping basil and garlic, add to olive oil and mix well.

Spread pesto evenly onto your flatbread pieces

Layer on diced mozzarella, asiago, and chicken

Bake for 8-10 minutes


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