Fuzzy Kiwi

Funny story…

Today was a day from hell.

First things first, it was pouring rain and as soon as I got on the turnpike to go to work at 6:04am….

MY FREAKING WIPER BLADE flew off my car. Literally, it just broke apart like the Titanic and flew off, never to be seen again.

Have you ever tried driving in the rain without wiper blades?! It. Sucks. I couldn’t see a thing, so a normally 25 minute trip took about 50.

THEN… I overshot a turn (I was flying blind, people) and ended up on the wrong side of a median andddd almost died.

By some miracle (after a long, hysterical ugly cry sesh), with my head hanging out the window, I was able to make it to the closest auto parts store to pick up a replacement- Pepboys. Here, I scuffed my favorite shoes and got absolutely soaked climbing onto my gigantic SUV trying to figure out how the F this happened, and ended up slipping and breaking the other one off.

Kill me.

To make matters worse, I asked the guy there to put them on for me since I couldn’t reach, and because at this point I was already 2 hours late to work..

Did you know it takes 23 minutes to install wiper blades? Neither did I. But apparently it does at Pepboys.

I had a moment where the strong, independent woman in me wanted to say “get the HELL out of my way and just let me do it.” But then I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out either and I would look just as stupid. So I let them go, and retained my dignity.

After 3 techs, they finally got it and I ended up where I needed to be!

Okay, so my day could have been a lot worse, but add this to work, kids, buying/selling a house, AND the fact that I’m failing my Economics class and you’ve got a lot of stress.

Enter, alcohol.

For the record, I don’t condone drowning your sorrows, but sometimes it’s nice to just kick back with a drink and let loose. Today, that was needed.

I opted for something bright, fruity, and tropical. Something that I could take a sip of, close my eyes, and delve right into a Zac Brown Band song.

This one is kind of like a fuzzy navel, but with a tropical twist. I use rum- because I’ve had wayy too many rough mornings at the hands of vodka and my inability to keep up with the Jones’ (pun intended)- and add kiwi for an extra burst of goodness. Being a juicier fruit, they do actually bring a lot to the table, so don’t skip it!

Your toes might not be in the water, and your ass might not be in the sand- but for a minute, you can have not a worry in the world and a cold drink in your hand.

Because even when things suck….

Life is good today.


Recipe (per drink)

1 oz peach rum

2oz peach schnapps

6oz orange juice

4 slices of kiwi

Combine all liquids over ice and top with kiwi.


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