Pizza Nachos

Nachos are easily one of the best snacks to ever be created. But if it’s something you like to have often, the ground beef can get a little pricey.

That’s why I tried to think of a fun new alternative without beef. I’ve tried veggie nachos, and they’re good but lacking something…

Meat! (I live that carnivore life)

I just can’t have nachos without meat.

One day while rummaging through my fridge for something to use, it came to me:


But wait.. how? Those flavors don’t really coincide so something else had to be done. The rest is pretty much self explanatory, because what goes with pepperoni better than pizza?


So I decided to essentially make a pizza, but using tortilla chips instead of crust. You can probably tell that it was the best idea ever.

The only real difference is using fresh tomatoes instead of sauce- a sort of homage to traditional nachos.

You want to start by laying your nachos in a dish. I like to use something deep so you can pile it high and everything stays in place!


Top that with your cheese and pepperoni.


I use Applegate because it’s one of the only brands I can ever find that are free of nitrates. They also have a better overall taste because I hate spicy pepperoni. The slices are much larger, so you have to dice them up. If you’re not picky about brands, the mini pepperonis would work best- no chopping and they’re super cute!


Just toss that in the oven just to get the cheese melted. As it does, the pepperoni will start becoming one with the cheese and it is so, so good.


All that’s left is the toppings! You can bake it all together, but the hot melty cheese paired with cool fresh ingredients is what I love most about nachos.


And to really keep with the pizza feel, throw on some fresh basil! Your taste buds will not even know what to do with themselves.

“YASS nachos! Wait.. no this is pizza. OMG WHAT IS GOING ON?!”

That’s honestly the best way I can explain it. Once you try it, you’ll get it!


5oz tortilla chips (roughly 1/2 bag)

1 cup shredded mozzarella or Italian blend cheese

1/4 cup diced pepperoni

1/2 cup diced tomato

1/2 cup sliced black olives

1 Tbsp fresh basil

Preheat oven to 375

Line baking dish with tortillas

Top with cheese and pepperoni, bake about 10 minutes (until cheese is bubbly)

While still hot, top with olive, tomato, and basil


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