Rags to Ikea Dish Towels

My childhood was much different than most.

As a little girl, while my friends were dreaming of ponies and dolls, I only had one thing that I really wanted; a home, and everything that went along with it.

Sunday mornings were my absolute favorite. Most times, I woke up to my mom coming home with the Sunday paper and if she didn’t have it, I would think of any reason I could to get her to the nearest gas station to pick one up. No matter what, I needed that paper.

Before she even got a chance to open it, I would go straight to the Real Estate section so I could see what houses were going for and how much I might need to be able to afford one. Then, on the back page there was always the House of the Week. It included a picture of the front, usually with gorgeous porches and massive windows. More importantly, there was always a blueprint of the layout. These houses had four, sometimes five bedrooms, huge kitchens, formal dining areas, TWO living rooms; the kind of things that only existed in my dreams since we rarely lived in anything bigger than a 2 bedroom apartment.

For that moment though, this was all mine, and my dream was falling into place.

From there, I would gaze through the ads one by one; Circuit City for my appliances, Sears for my lawn care needs, Bonton and JC Penny for my home furnishings. On the good days, we even got one for Lazy Boy so I could have furniture too! Whatever it was, I spared no expense in my window shopping. I had everything that I could ever need or want inside that home, and I was happy.

By Sunday afternoon, the glamour wore off and it was back to reality. The house wasn’t mine, and those pretty red curtains were someone else’s to be had. And then began the excitement for the next week when I could do it all over again.

This is one thing that most people don’t know about me. Over the years, anyone could have seen that I was driven, but I don’t think one single person understands that this is something that I have literally been working towards since I was eight years old. Not so much the “dream house” motif that I spent my Sunday’s planning, but just a house that I could call home and make beautiful without anyone else’s limitations. A place where I could grow up and grow old.

That is honestly the only thing in this world that I have ever wanted, and since I was a little girl it has consumed me. My main drive was knowing that one day I would be a mother and I never wanted my children to dream of a life they believed to be untouchable. I want them to love their life with me and dream of things bigger and better than I could ever imagine and know that nothing was impossible. I just needed to give them a solid foundation for those dreams, and to me that was in the house that I have been “building” for the past 18 years.

This past week, this became my reality and it was all thanks to one person. I was so fortunate to fall in love with someone who believed in my dream and wanted to achieve it with me. He took my years of hard work and made sure that they were not in vein, and that everything we could have ever wanted was right inside these walls.

He knew of my dreams and never let settle for anything less. While to most people, a house is a house… This is so much more for me. This is my lifelong dream come true, and the weight of making it happen is off my shoulders. For the first time in my life, I know where I belong and I can breath comfortably knowing my boys will never feel the way I did.

Now, they know where they will be coming home to and they know the neighborhood that will see them grow up. The streets, the air, the sounds- it will be their’s for as long as possible. While I hope each one of them travels every inch of this world, I know that this little 1/4 acre plot will always be their home.

And that feels good.

For your enjoyment, this is where the magic now happens. My granite countertops are everything HGTV makes them out to be, and Kevin even let me get an under mount cabinet radio for the hours and hours I will spend in here (best thing EVER!!)image


One comment on “Rags to Ikea Dish Towels

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am so impressed with what I just read and I am very proud of you and the woman you have become! Whats next? Remember the sky is the Limit! Best wishes to you and your family!


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