Beef Stroganoff

This is NOT your momma’s Beef Stroganoff. Mostly because your mom probably made Hamburger helper, and this recipe isn’t going to come in a box. Hellooooo 2016.

Doesn’t that kind of suck, though? Like, how it isn’t cool anymore to buy six boxes of Hamburger Helper and some meat and you’d be done grocery shopping for the week… I almost kind of wish that I was a mom before we realized how bad this stuff was for you because I would be ALL over that.

Can you imagine the amount of extra time we would all have? No wonder the 90’s made us so lazy.

You can go ahead and deny that all you want, but I will proudly admit that I am lazy as hell. It basically only exists in my mind, because there is never a moment that I am not doing something, but if I can half-ass it- I will for sure.

Thankfully, I am also thrifty so my half-assing usually turns out to still be pretty awesome. This recipe is a prime example of that. When I came up with it, it was out of shear chance. I had basically none of the actual ingredients I needed, but I was absolutely not about to haul my butt to the grocery store; so, I improvised.

I won’t lie, I was super skeptical and fully prepared my kids to eat bananas and ice cream for dinner. But as the recipe progressed, I was sort shocked at how well it was coming along. And when it was done, I felt like Jesus probably did when he turned water into wine.

That might seem like a stretch, but when you see these ingredients, you miiiiight understand.

The first, and perhaps most important piece of this show is the mushroom.


I use baby bellas because they’re just the best. Plain and simple. They have a lot more flavor than button mushrooms, and anything else is too complex for me.

The only other veggie we use is the onion, because onions go in everything. Always.

For your beef, use whatever you can find for cheap. It’s going to be diced small, so you don’t really need to worry about texture or tenderness or whatever else people look at in beef.

Throw your meat in the pan first with a little oil, just to start browning. After about 2 minutes of tossing that around, throw in your veggies and salt and pepper.


The juice from the beef is going to start coating the veggies as they soften, and you start to see some of that flavor build.

Once the veggies start to cook down (not fully tender yet), drizzle in your Worcestershire sauce. This is where you get the flavor from. While traditional stroganoff has a lot of layers of flavor, this little bit adds so much awesome depth of flavor, that it compensates for what is missing. It makes the sauce a little more pungent, but in such a deliciousssss way.

I wait until the veggies are tender and then add the heavy cream. This creates the sauce that you know and love. Usually I say you can substitute, but we don’t have any other thickening agents, and heavy cream just needs heat and time.


At first, it’s going to look really dreary and you might be freaking out thinking you totally screwed it up. Give it a little…


After a few minutes, your sauce will start to boil and turn darker brown as it soaks up the flavors of the beef.

You want to let this simmer until your sauce is rich and thick. You know, like a sauce…

Try to cook the egg noodles right at the end because they only take a few minutes but don’t sit well, so you want them fresh.


From there, pile it on your plate.


I mean, come on people. LOOK AT THIS. Can you believe that this took basically 5 ingredients to create this classic dish?!

Seriously. You cannot screw this up. AND there’s no sour cream, no broth, no butter, no cream of mushroom… Just a few simple ingredients that you probably have going bad in your fridge right now. Get cooking!!


1/2 lb beef cubes, diced small

1 cup sliced mushrooms

1/2 cup diced onion

3 tbsp worsteshire sauce

1 cup heavy cream

1 pkg egg noodles

salt and pepper to taste

Place beef into an oiled pan over medium heat and brown

Toss veggies and salt/pepper into pan

Once they start to soften, add worsteshire sauce

When fully tender, add heavy cream. Bring to a boil and reduce heat

Allow to simmer for about 15-20 minutes or until sauce thicken

Plate over noodles


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